Recruitment, Selection and Appointment Policy


This policy applies to all staff members at the University


To outline the principles for employing permanent staff members at the University


1.    All staff member appointments are to be made on the basis of relevant merit

2.    Appointments are to be made in open competition from the widest field of applicants attracted by internal and, where appropriate, external advertising

3.    Equity principles are to be applied to all appointments

4.    The University is to operate appointment processes that are consistent, professional and timely

Impartiality of process

5.    All members of the University must strive for equity of access and impartiality of appointment processes through applying the following principles:

  • maintaining openness, consistent with the Privacy Act and State Sector Act
  • using transparent and fair criteria, standards, and processes
  • making a comparative assessment of applicants


6.    Confidentiality of all information is to be be maintained at all times throughout the selection process

7.    Those dealing with applications must make themselves aware of the provisions of the Privacy Act

8.    The CV and application documents of all applicants are to be provided to selected staff members, as identified by the academic head or manager 

9.    Where an academic candidate seeks greater confidentiality, the dean and the academic head:

  • are to consider whether or not such a request is to be accepted
  • where the request is declined, the application and all other documents are to be returned to the applicant

10.    Referees' reports must not be made available to anyone who is not a member of the Recruitment and Selection Committee (RSC) or the interview panel

11.    Any reporting on the contents of referees' reports must be done in such a way that the referee cannot be identified

12.    Information on an applicant may be sought by the chair only from referees nominated by the applicant

13.    No other person may be approached, formally or informally, without the knowledge and agreement of the chair and of the applicant

Material confidentiality

14.    The chair must ensure that all copies of documents are collected and returned to the relevant department or faculty office for subsequent confidential disposal


15.    Where requested human resources is to provide reports to the Vice-Chancellor through the Staff Advisory Committee and Equity on applicant data collected as part of the application process

16.    The Staff Equity Manager may be present at any interviews


17.    There is no appeal against the non-appointment to a position covered by this policy

18.    Where an applicant has a concern that they may been discriminated against in terms of the appointment process under the terms of the Human Rights Act, the applicant may raise this concern with human resources

19.    Staff members are to be encouraged to seek a discussion as to the reasons for non-appointment with the chair of the interview panel


The following definitions apply to this document:

Academic head includes the various positions that provide academic and administrative leadership within the faculty, and who report directly or indirectly to the dean.  In this policy, academic head includes head of department, head of school, head of centre, etc.

Staff member refers to an individual employed by the University on a full time or part time basis

University means the University of Auckland and all subsidaries

Document management and control

Content manager: Associate Director, Talent and Recruitment

Owner: Director, Human Resources 

Approver: Vice-Chancellor

Date reviewed: 01 November 2015

Review date: 01 November 2018