Alumni living in Sydney and New South Wales are invited to get in touch with our Volunteer Alumni Coordinator.

VAC profile: Ruby Chen (Conjoint Bachelor of Arts and Commerce)

Ruby graduated from the University of Auckland with a conjoint degree in Arts and Commerce. Upon graduating, she was then accepted in a Graduate Programme in Melbourne with a major bank, before transferring to her current role in Sydney.

Ruby works as a product manager for a financial institution, managing the strategy, incidents, operations, sales, legal, marketing, product enhancements, and training. She didn’t expect to be working for a bank but has been there for almost five years.

“I always thought I would obtain my chartered accountancy and start my own firm,” she says.

Her best memory of her student days at Auckland was having freedom of time during the day when there were no classes and keeping fit at the gym, playing badminton, and learning tai chi.

Ruby’s advice to new students is to study smart and gain experiences from previous students, but always be prepared to think outside the box and be examined on something unexpected. She also recommends students make the most out of social activities where possible, as university is a prime time to build long-lasting friendships.

At the University of Auckland, Ruby’s favourite teacher was an economics lecturer who was inspiring, practical and had a great sense of humour.

“His class always had students flooding in and sitting on the stairs,” she recalls.

“It's important to love what you teach as students can feel the passion, and as a result are more receptive to learning.”

When she’s not working, Ruby enjoys driving for short road trips to rural areas, getting relaxing pamper packages as well as exploring interesting quirky stores.

To Ruby, success is making a positive difference to society by helping people find meaning and purpose to their lives. One day, she would love to travel with like-minded people to developing countries to deliver a project that would enhance the quality of living for that community.

Ruby would love to hear from alumni based in Sydney.