Hong Kong

University alumni based in Hong Kong can connect with the Hong Kong Alumni Association, and its President, Volunteer Alumni Coordinator Jeffrey Pong.

Hong Kong Alumni Association (HKAA)

The Hong Kong Alumni Association (HKAA) is a club run by, and for, alumni of the University of Auckland. The club giving members closer ties with the University, and provides opportunities for networking.

The HKAA is run by an executive committee consisting of President Jeffrey Pong, Vice-President Vicky Ho, and Treasurer Henry Lee. The club has hosted several very successful events, and has great plans for the future.

Contact the HKAA executive committee


Email: Jeffrey Pong


Email: Vicky Ho 
Phone: +852 9502 2881


Email: Henry Lee

One Tree Club

You can also connect with other Kiwis in Hong Kong by joining the One Tree Club, a society which brings together friends and families of fellow New Zealanders.

VAC profile: Jeffrey Pong (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)

After completing a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery in 1998, Jeffrey became interested in work and training opportunities in Hong Kong. Following his relocation, he soon secured a job as a doctor - a role he continues today.

Jeff describes Hong Kong as “vibrant and full of activity.” He loves how easy it is to meet and interact with other people. There is a constant stream of opportunities, as well as organisations to engage with.

Being involved in student clubs was one of Jeff’s favourite parts of university life. He enjoyed putting together events and remembers the excitement of meeting his friends for activities.

He encourages current students to try something new while studying at the University of Auckland.

“Get involved in as many activities as possible,” he says. “Enjoy the exciting campus life!”

Jeff emphasises that clubs can be a refreshing experience, putting students out of their comfort zones and allowing them to grow as individuals. He also advises new students to set clear goals and break them into small, achievable steps.

“One can be successful if they set interim goals appropriately and progressively,” he says.

These days, Jeff likes to spend his downtime singing and listening to music. He plans to stay in Hong Kong in the future, continuing to develop his medical career.

Jeff would like to hear from alumni based in Hong Kong. Alternatively, interested alumni can contact the other members of the HKAA executive committee.

Contact Jeff (HKAA President)

Email: Jeff Pong