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VAC profile: Bridget Crichton (Bachelor of Health Sciences and Laws, Master of Professional Studies with honours)

Bridget is a Law and Health Sciences graduate living in Apia, Samoa. She finished her undergraduate studies in 2008 and subsequently completed a Master of Professional Studies in International Relations and Human Rights with Honours in 2010.

Bridget remembers feeling a strong sense of inclusion and support during her student days. She says this came from numerous sources: “my faith, my immediate family, my friendships and taking ownership of my time at the University – working as a Consultant, Research Assistant, Tutor and Mentor, and volunteering as a Uniguide and joining social groups.”

After graduating, Bridget was inspired by her late father to spend a year in Apia on a working holiday. She attended a networking event for alumni and friends and met her future husband while she was there! 

Bridget now runs her own business in partnership with her husband in Apia and her sister in Auckland. This is Crichton Pointon Consultancy, a boutique Pacific-focused research consultancy.

Although she had always dreamed of working in this field, she feels blessed that it happened so early in her career. Bridget loves that her work gives her “a solid platform to pursue my passion exploring the interface between public health and law.” She also gets to travel between Apia and Auckland, which she describes as her favourite cities in the world.

Bridget is keen to hear from alumni living in Samoa.

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