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Singapore Alumni Network

University alumni are encouraged to join the University of Auckland Singapore Alumni Network to stay in touch with other alumni living and working in Singapore.

VAC profile: Anisha Chawla (Bachelor of Commerce)

Anisha Chawla

In her undergraduate studies, Anisha double majored in International Business and Marketing.

Some of Anisha’s favourite memories at the university include overnight camps for the 360 Leadership Programme run by New Zealand Leadership Institute and the inspiring people she met through her involvement with AIESEC, Synergy and Social Innovation New Zealand.

An exciting opportunity to work at Facebook, as an Account Manager for Australia & New Zealand, took Anisha to Singapore. She loves being able to work directly with passionate entrepreneurs and business owners while being able to travel extensively. She is passionate about helping start up’s and social enterprises, especially opportunities for empowerment of the under-privileged.

She loves the fantastic connectivity Singapore has with the rest of the world, and also the modern architecture! However, she does miss the great outdoors of NZ.

Anisha encourages students to make the most of all the opportunities at University such as getting involved with student clubs, going on an exchange and leveraging the various networking opportunities. By taking on more opportunities, you are able to connect with some inspiring people and gain fantastic hands-on experience - preparing one well for the real world. She says, “above all, have a good time because University will be some of the best years in your life”.

Anisha is keen to hear from alumni living in Singapore.

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VAC profile: Calven Bland (Bachelor of Engineering)

Calven studied a Bachelor of Engineering, majoring in Civil Engineering. While a student at the University, he was President of the Engineering Society and of the South Pacific Island Engineering Students group. He also did a two-year stint as Sports Director of the Auckland University Students’ Association Easter and Winter Tournament.

After graduating, Calven joined McConnell Dowell and spent six years working in the Pacific Islands. He traversed the remote islands of Tau in American Samoa, took a short trip to Pitcairn Island and had three fabulous years in Western Samoa. He even got to spend some time getting back to his Fijian roots in Suva.

Eventually, Calven was seconded to Singapore for a 12-month civil marine project. But 12 months became 12 years and now includes a Singaporean wife, two children and the role of Business Development Manager for McConnell Dowell in Southeast Asia!

Outside of work, Calven has served in the New Zealand Army Territorial Force as a Movement Operator for many years. He has undertaken three operational deployments to Antarctica as part of Operation Deepfreeze, and recently completed his Singaporean military training at 44 years of age.

Calven also loves rugby. He sits on a number of committees and boards, and founded a rugby club for kids in late 2013. Starting with two coaches and four kids, Titans RFC now has over 20 staff and 170 players of all ages. Calven still proudly enjoys trotting out onto the paddock as a veteran’s grade player!

Calven would love to hear from alumni based in Singapore.

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Email: Calven Bland 
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