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If you know of someone who you think deserves recognition, you can nominate them for our next 40 Under 40 via the online form. 

About the programme

The 40 Under 40 celebrates alumni aged 40 and under who are making significant contributions in their chosen professional fields and/or communities. Since its inception in 2017, the programme has recognised 200 outstanding graduates who have already achieved considerable success in the three focus areas of professional success, community involvement and engagement with the University community, all before age 40. The 40 Under 40 seeks to showcase the breadth and diversity of the University’s global alumni community, whilst also inspiring the next generation of alumni leaders to make a positive difference in the world.

Category descriptions

The 40 Under 40 are grouped into six different recognition categories depending on where they have made an impact. Please keep these in mind when nominating alumni for the programme.

Business Leaders are experts in the management, development and social responsibility of business. They demonstrate a high calibre of holistic leadership in their respective fields, often including work in the community and advancing sustainable business or community practices.

Entrepreneurs create and launch businesses that deliver novel solutions to pressing problems affecting consumers and society. This might be through interdisciplinary collaboration, co-creation of sustainable innovations or developing scalable products or services.

Disruptors and Innovators challenge the status quo in their industries in new and effective ways. This is often through innovating new business models, ways of thinking, cultural paradigms or solutions that press the envelope of practice, research, or both.

Humanitarians play important roles in bettering people’s lives and reducing suffering, often on a global or transnational scale, through a variety of ways. Some of these include advocacy, policymaking, research, civil action, volunteer management and engagement.

Influencers play a significant part in affecting change in the world and behaviours by influencing the ways in which businesses, governments, higher education institutions and non-profit organisations approach or address pressing challenges, often across disciplines or borders.

Performers harness the power of creativity, artistic expression and commitment to their craft to achieve success and often cultural or community impact through their chosen medium, including writing, music, film, photography and sport.


To be eligible, alumni should have made significant contributions in at least one of the three criteria areas below. Priority will be given to alumni that have achieved successful outcomes in two or more areas.

  1. Professional success
  2. Community involvement
  3. University engagement

They must be:

  1. Alumni of The University of Auckland
  2. Aged 40 and under as of 30 June of the selection year. Please note: selection occurs biannually.

They must not be:

  1. Current staff of The University of Auckland
  2. Current students of The University of Auckland
  3. Current Members of Parliament

The University of Auckland 40 Under 40 list celebrates alumni aged 40 and under who are making significant contributions in their professional fields and communities. Every effort has been made to ensure that information was up-to-date and accurate at the time of publication.