Take 10 podcast series

Our 40 under 40 alumni in conversation with journalist Andrew Patterson.

Episode 1: Karina McHardy and Andrew Patterson; From South Africa to ACC – Towards a Better Health System

Hear from University of Auckland 40 Under 40: Humanitarian Karina McHardy on her health profession journey, designing a better health system and four tips for success.

Episode 2: Nuwanthie Samarakone and Andrew Patterson; Building Young Talent and Positive Mentoring Relationships

University of Auckland 40 Under 40: Business Leader Nuwanthie Samarakone shares how her learnings as a young female leader led her to help other aspiring leaders do the same as well as how to take charge of your career future.

Episode 3: Lanu Faletau and Andrew Patterson; Modelling and Advocating for Pacifica Success: From Tonga to Obama Leader

University of Auckland 40 Under 40: Influencer Lanu Faletau’s tells her story migrating from Tonga to representing New Zealand and Tonga at an Obama Foundation leader summit and her passion for overcoming barriers to better Pacifica representation.

Episode 4: Daniel Xu and Andrew Patterson; The Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and the Business Environment

Hear from University of Auckland 40 Under 40: Disruptor and Innovator Daniel Xu on opportunities in artificial intelligence, ways to empower future engineers to integrate AI practically in their careers, and his passion for making New Zealand’s economic future bright through tech innovation.

Episode 5: Carl van Roon and Andrew Patterson; From the Classroom to the Dojo: The Wisdom and Practice of Modern Mixed Martial Arts

University of Auckland 40 Under 40: Performer Carl Van Roon shares his success in martial arts, how scholarship and martial arts can be combined to fuel innovation and resilience and his dedication to living the values of the continuous improvement or what the Japanese term “Kaizen”.  

Episode 6: Matty Blomfield and Andrew Patterson; To Japan, New York and Back Again: An Entrepreneur’s Journey

Listen to University of Auckland 40 Under 40: Entrepreneur Matty Blomfield’s journey to creating his two successful ventures, Hectre and Hactivate; what principles you need to thrive as an entrepreneur; and how humour and human connection can make the difference.