Graduate Destination Survey

About the Graduation Destination Survey

The Graduate Destination Survey aims to bring information on our graduate’s experience at the university, post-graduation employment patterns, further study destinations, volunteer work, and other activities they are involved in.

The survey allows us to listen to our alumni, after all, they  are the experts on their personal experiences. We gather the information to better our services and learn how to better support students through their journey at the university. The insights gathered are shared with the higher education community so that students pursuing a degree with us can benefit from it.

The survey also helps gain information on the types and location of employment, salary ranges, and further study opportunities our graduates may take up beyond receiving their University of Auckland qualification. This information is gathered to inform future students and help them choose their academic path.

Why should you take this survey? Well, simply because by sharing your experience you are not just helping the university, you are helping other students who are at the threshold of building a career path for themselves. Your inputs in the survey can help your alma mater improve their services and programmes to prepare the students for the world outside. Your journey after graduation can guide future students towards a career of their interest.

In the Graduate Destination Survey Summary Report, you will find a condensed report drawn from the responses of participants in the annual survey each year.

Are you a recent graduate?

Irrespective of where you have found yourself after graduating, your feedback is important to us. Check your email inbox, complete the Graduate Destinations Survey and go in the draw to win prizes.

Started in 2017, GDS also provides feedback on graduates’ overall
University experience.

The survey is used to benchmark with surveys conducted in New
Zealand and internationally - in particular, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Summary of the 2023 results

Summary of the 2022 results

Summary of the 2021 results

Summary of the 2019 results

Summary of the 2017 results

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    I graduated in 2022/23, but I haven’t received an email

We are looking for everyone who completed their studies at the University of Auckland between March 1st 2022 & February 28th 2023. If you completed your study outside of these dates, but your graduation ceremony was held between them, you will not be invited to this survey.

  • Is the invitation in your SPAM folder?
  • We used the email address that registered at the Alumni Office.  Check here to verify your email address.

If you have not found a solution and would like to receive a copy of the survey, please contact us on the email provided. A copy of the survey will be forwarded to you within 2-3 working days if you are eligible for this year’s survey.


2.   I’m a PhD graduate, will I receive the survey?

Yes, you will, if you have completed your PhD degree between March 1st 2022 and February 28th 2023.

3. Why is the University of Auckland conducting a Graduate Destination Survey?

We want to understand what our graduates are doing after their studies. This information will be used to help future students better understand where their study can take them.

4. What are you going to do with the information I have provided in the survey?

We are going to analyse the data to better understand what our graduates do when they leave the University. This will help future students choose the best programme to help achieve their goals, by giving them information on what they can expect after they graduate.

5. I started my survey, but I closed the window by accident, what do I do now?

If you go to your email and click on your link again, the survey will open at the point where you left it. You can finalise the survey after this.

6. What happens if there is a question that I don’t want to answer?  Or I don’t submit the survey?

We encourage you to answer all the questions to give us a complete picture of how you are doing. Your answers will be confidential and can’t be traced back to you in our analysis.  Only the completed survey is eligible for the prize draw.

7. I see questions about work, but I am not working.

The survey consists of three different sections: Work, Further Study, and General University Experience. Based on your answers in the first question, you will be prompted to the next question. You can’t go back to the first question to change your answer, but if you go back to the beginning of the Work section, you can indicate that you are not working and would like to skip this section.

8. I need to answer questions about work, but I haven’t started my job yet.

Please answer the questions with your new job in mind, as if you have already started there.

9. I see questions about further study, but I am not studying.

The survey consists of three different sections: Work, Further Study, and General University Experience. Based on your answers in the first question, you will be prompted to the work and/or study section. You can’t go back to the first question to change your answer, but you can indicate you are not studying or would like to skip the section at the beginning of the Further Study questionnaire.

10. Do I get a personalised report, based on my own answers?

We won’t provide personalised reports, but a summary report will be published at

There is also an option of submitting a request for a report with general findings towards the end of the survey.

11. How will I know if I win the prize?

We will contact you by email to notify you of any wins. Be sure to check your email.