How to report an incident

Students and staff at the University of Auckland have a number of options if they choose to disclose or report harmful sexual behaviour. You have the right to decide which of the below reporting options you wish to follow, if any.    

  1. Make a disclosure – tell the university about the incident to keep a record of but not take any formal action.
  2. Make a complaint – make a formal or informal complaint about harmful sexual behaviour. 
  3. Make a report on behalf of someone – if someone receives a disclosure of sexual harm they can report on behalf of someone, provided they have their consent.  
  4. Make a police report – reporting to the University and reporting to the Police are two separate processes. If you report to the Police you can still report to the University. 

Find out specific information on the complaint process and how you can make a report here. Reports can be made anonymously. 

If you wish to report directly to the Police: 

The Police have specialised sexual assault teams that will talk you through the process of what happens next. If the sexual assault has just happened you can call 111 – or you can go to the station. It is recommended that if you are going to the station you ring first and ask that someone from the sexual assault team be there to meet you.

If you report directly to the Police they will assist in:

  • Organising a forensic medical examination by a trained doctor.
  • They will recommend that you involve the sexual assault services above to act as an advocate and support person for you throughout the process.
  • Involving police and having a forensic medical does not meant you have to commit to proceeding with the complaint and going to court.

If you have witnessed a sexual assault on one of our campuses:    

  • Everyone is asked to assist in making our University a safe place by being alert to suspicious situations and promptly reporting them.  
  • If the person is harmed or an incident is in progress, contact the police on 111 immediately. Once you have contacted the police, contact University Security to report the incident (ext: 966 or phone: 0800 373 7550 if calling from a mobile phone).  
  • Stay with the person who has experienced the harm, providing comfort and support until the police or University Security arrive.    

If you are an international student please note:   

  • Making a report of harmful sexual behaviour will not impact your visa.  
  • Any information you provide will not be passed on to your family or other universities unless you request that this information can be shared.  
  • We can provide a translator at your request.