Richard Dawkins: The greatest show on earth live

Watch footage from renowned evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins’s inaugural visit to the University of Auckland, as part of the Auckland Readers and Writers Festival.

Introduction by Brian Boyd

Distinguished Professor Brian Boyd, from the Department of English at the Faculty of Arts, introduces Richard Dawkins.

Richard Dawkins lecture: The Greatest Show on Earth Live

Celebrated science writer Richard Dawkins speaks at the University of Auckland.

Richard Dawkins in conversation with Brian Boyd: Part one

Richard Dawkins discusses his passion for education, a formative experience from his school days, and provides a summary of his book The Greatest Show on Earth (2009) with Distinguished Professor Brian Boyd.

Richard Dawkins in conversation with Brian Boyd: Part two

In this exclusive interview, Richard Dawkins talks with Distinguished Professor Brian Boyd about the astonishing phenomenon of life, his new book for children, and the ethics of science and religion.

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