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The Dance Studies Programme is New Zealand's leading centre for postgraduate research in dance, with a wealth of expertise in teaching and learning, choreographic practice and dance ethnography.

Associate Professor Ralph Buck

Areas of Research

  • Dance education
  • Dance pedagogy
  • Community dance
  • Dance curriculum

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Sarah Foster-Sproull

Dr Mark Harvey

Mark Harvey (Matawaka iwi / Pākehā) is a senior lecturer and artist, specialising in artistic research, live art, performance, visual art and choreographic practices.

Areas of research

  • Choreographic practice / visual arts performance practice / live art / video and installation
  • Social based practices in performance, live art and visual arts / social justice and performance and art
  • Performance and ecologies and environmental perspectives 
  • Performance and decolonisation and critical indigenous perspectives
  • Public performance and public art / public psychology and performance 
  • Interdisciplinary performance / performance studies / politics in performance / issues in social justice

Recent research/projects

  • Gas, The Physics Room (contemporary arts space), 2018, Christchurch, Exhibition, video installation)
  • Drop Kick: Anti - Contemporary Art Festival, 2018 (Finland, live performance)
  • Whakamaui: Recovery positions, Artspace Aotearoa, 2019 (exhibition, exploring local white racist histories in Tāmaki Makaurau)
  • Drop the ball, Te Uru Gallery, 2019 (exhibition and live performance, exploring sculpture and performance with community and public engagement)
  • Toi Taio Whakatairanga, 2020 (ongoing, exploring public art in relation to kauri dieback and myrtle rust, in partnership with iwi/hapu and in collaboration with artists, scientists, curators and other researchers)
  • YouTube / Circuit:Mark Harvey  / Vimeo 

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Sarah Knox

Dr Alys Longley

Alys is an associate professor with a focus on transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary practice in her research and teaching.

Areas of research

  • Practice-led research
  • Interdisciplnary practice
  • Creative pedagogy
  • Performance and writing in the Expanded Field
  • Arts and ecology
  • Experimental writing
  • Mistranslation studies

Recent projects/reserach

  • Mapping Borders - Mapeo de Bordes Porosos

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Dr Alfdaniels Mivule Basibye Mabingo

Mabingo is a lecturer in Dance Studies at the University of Auckland. His latest book, Ubuntu as dance pedagogy in Uganda has just been published by Palgrave Macmillan.

Areas of research

  • Indigenous knowledge systems
  • Dance education
  • Dance pedagogy
  • Dance, race and identity
  • Decolonisation and postcolonialism in dance
  • African dance practices
  • Dance and the creative and innovative economies
  • Interculturalism in dance practices

Recent projects/research

  • Indigenous dances in creative urban economies in Uganda
  • African dancers and dances in the Chinese marketplace
  • Dance and urban youth identities and cultures in Uganda
  • Silk Road dance education research initiative
  • Decolonising dance education in higher education in Africa
  • Ubuntu philosophy as dance pedagogy

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Dr Tia Reihana

Associate Professor Nicholas Rowe

Nicholas is an award-winning filmmaker and researcher in Dance Studies and has created and performed for dance companies across Australasia, Asia and Europe. A graduate of the Australian Ballet School, Nicholas holds a PhD from the London Contemporary Dance School and the University of Kent at Canterbury. He has published five books and several articles in leading international academic journals on performing arts, education, cultural studies and political theory.

Areas of Research

  • Series editor: Palgrave MacMillan, Critical Studies in Dance Leadership and Inclusion
  • UNESCO co-Chair in Dance and Social Inclusion: Marginalised communities and the socio-political relevance of dance involves ethnographic and creative practice interventions with diverse groups, including the elderly, refugees and indigenous people. 

Recent projects/research

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Dr Becca Weber

Areas of research

  • Somatic practices
  • Dance science and psychology
  • Cognition: memory, embodiment, and creativity
  • Creative practice and digital technologies
  • Dance education and pedagogy
  • Practice as research
  • Interdisciplinary creative practice

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