Doctoral applications

This page provides a guide to applying for a doctoral programme at the University of Auckland.

Doctoral programmes are the highest-level qualifications that can be awarded by the University of Auckland. For this reason, the application process is rigorous. To apply for a PhD or named doctorate you must complete an online Application for Admission (AfA) so that we can evaluate your academic background and match your research interests with an appropriate supervisor.

Follow the step-by-step guide to preparing and submitting your application.

1. Read the entry requirements

Check that you meet the academic eligibility requirements for entry into a PhD or named doctorate programme by reading the Doctoral entry requirements.

2 Choose your area of interest

Decide your area of research interest or potential research topic. You can look at faculty or department websites relevant to your topic, and consider the research interests and publications of academic staff.

Information about theses and research areas are available below:

3. Before you apply

Check the application closing dates

If you are applying for the Doctor of Clinical Psychology or Doctor of Education, check the Application closing dates.

For all other doctoral programmes, you can submit an online Application for Admission at any time of the year.

For a step-by-step guide to application process, visit Doctoral application help.

Prepare your doctoral application documents

You need to have electronic copies of the following ready:

  • Relevant academic transcripts
  • Statement of Research Intent
  • If English is not your first language, any approved English language test scores from the last two years
  • CV or résumé

For detailed information about our document requirements, see Documents to support your application.

Arrange your Doctoral Referee Reports

You will need to arrange for two Doctoral Referee Reports.

  • These must be sent by your referees directly to the School of Graduate Studies
  • Preferably, the letters should be from academic staff of your home university, who can comment on your research capability and experience.

Research and publication history

You may be asked to supply your research dissertation/thesis from your qualifying degree and/or relevant refereed publications.

4. Apply

The next step is to submit your online Application for Admission.

A step by step guide to the doctoral application process is available, see Doctoral application help.

You will receive an email within two working days that confirms the submission of your application and a list of certified documents you need to provide to support your application.

Your application will be reviewed by the relevant Department and the Board of Graduate Studies. You can view the status of your application by logging into your Application for Admission.

Once your application for admission has been processed, you will be sent an email to advise you of the outcome. To accept or decline an offer, you can login to your Application for Admission.

After you have accepted the offer and details of your registration have been finalised, you will be sent confirmation of your place in the doctoral programme by email.

5. Enrol

Once you have received your confirmation letter, you can begin your Doctoral enrolment.

As a doctoral candidate, you will be re-enrolled at the beginning of each academic year by the School of Graduate Studies. You need to pay your fees on time each year to ensure successful re-enrolment.