Statement of Research Intent

Explanation of document

A Statement of Research Intent defines your chosen area of study and details the aims of your proposed research project. 

Why this document may be required?

If you’re applying for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or a Named Doctorate, you will be asked to submit a Statement of Research Intent.

This statement is needed because it provides an indication of the subject, scope, and approach to the research you wish to undertake. Additionally, it will assist in determining whether supervision is available for your intended project.

Your statement must clearly layout your:

  • Area of research interest
  • Intended topic
  • Research background
  • Professional background

Your statement must also show:

  • Why you have chosen your area of research interest
  • What you plan to achieve in your studies with the University of Auckland

Please note, the Statement of Research Intent requirements vary depending on the faculty you’re applying to.

You can find the required Statement of Research Intent template for your chosen faculty further down this page.

University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship

If you’re interested in the University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship, you will need to indicate in your Statement of Research Intent that you wish to be considered.

For more information, please see University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarships.

Where to submit your document

When you have finished your Statement of Research Intent, you can upload your statement to your application portal as a supporting document.

We recommend that you submit your Statement of Research Intent as a pdf document.

To access your application portal, please visit Continue your application.

Is certification required?

Your Statement of Research Intent does not need to be certified. 

Is translation required?

If your Statement of Research Intent is written in a language other than English, you will need to translate your statement into English.

The University of Auckland is an English-medium university.

What are your next steps?

The requirements for your Statement of Research Intent will vary depending on the faculty you apply to.

Your statement is an important part of your application. If you meet all the entry requirements for your chosen doctoral programme, your Statement of Research Intent is sent to the relevant department for assessment.

The department will identify suitable supervisors for your proposed topic of research.

This may take some time as the process differs between each faculty.

In general, doctoral applications can take eight weeks or longer to be assessed. This is because there are different levels of approvals required.

For more information about the doctoral admissions process, please see Doctoral applications.

Download your Statement of Research Intent template

Each Faculty or Large Scale Research Institute has their own Statement of Research Intent.

Download the relevant document for your intended programme of study


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