As Māori and Pasifika, we view our hauora as holistic. Understanding how to balance factors that contribute to our hauora is key to staying healthily connected to our bodies and minds. Below are some tips and services to help you maximise hauora while studying.

University Health and Counselling

The University’s student health and counselling service is more affordable and accessible than general GP clinics. You can access an appointment with doctors, nurses, and counsellors. While studying remotely, you can access our services online or over the phone.

Find out more about the Student Health and Counselling Service.

You can also access support services from Puāwaitanga, an organisation that gives time- and resource-poor Kiwis access to professional, confidential counselling. 

Find out more about Puāwaitanga.

Support for Rainbow students and staff

LGBTQITakatāpui+ is a support service for our students and staff who identify as a part of the rainbow community. This network provides students with a voice, support and the ability to be proud of who they are, feel a sense of belonging and promote the presence of our Māori and Pasifika students' participation in all aspects of university life.

Find out more about LGBTQITakatāpui+.

Student Disability Services

Student Disability Services is designed to create a safe, inclusive and equitable educational environment for students with disabilities at the University of Auckland.

Find out more about Student Disability Services.

Tips for hauora while studying

  • Take your mental health and wellbeing seriously
  • Eat some good food; feed the soul
  • Take regular breaks
  • Go outside to breathe some fresh air; enjoy your back yard
  • Try to keep a routine or be as normal with your daily schedule as possible
  • Be innovative, yet practical
  • Don't isolate yourself from the outside world. Stay connected with peers and whānau through social media and technology
  • Be informed with media, but not consumed