IT Skills workshops

Workshops are open to University of Auckland and UniServices staff, University of Auckland Postgraduate students and members of the public.

  • Access Introduction

    Become familiar with the concepts required design an initial database to collect and record data, query your information and to easily output some simple reports.

  • Access Intermediate

    This course looks at the design of relational databases and the use of the related data in queries and reports together with more advanced form creation and ways to make your database more user friendly.

  • Adobe CMS Editor

    Editor training provides an introduction to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and how to use it to create and maintain web content.

  • Excel Introduction

    Learn how to save time with your data entry, improve your efficiency and produce a more readable and professional output.

  • Excel Charts

    Learn how you can present your data to others in a graphical format.

  • Excel Intermediate

    Build on the spreadsheet skills you have already gained and learn additional skills for dealing with larger sheets and more complex workbooks.

  • Excel Data Analysis

    Learn to use options in Excel to summarise and analyse lists of data including subtotals, simple PivotTables, statistical functions and Excel’s powerful Analysis Tools.

  • Excel Formulae and Functions

    An opportunity to expand your calculation repertoire with advanced formula techniques and functions that deal with a variety of spreadsheet data.

  • Excel Macros

    Learn how to use the built in power of Excel by using visual basic macros to automate routine activities.

  • Excel Pivot Tables

    Learn to create a PivotTable to summarise data and streamline the process of formatting and printing the results.

  • InDesign Digital Publishing

    Learn to create electronic publications (EPUB) for page readers such as Kindle and iPad.

  • NVivo Core Skills

    This introductory course will cover the principles behind this software package, and teach the basics of setting-up and working in an NVivo project.

  • Outlook Intermediate

    This intermediate course covers setting up and organising the more advanced features of the Email and Calendar modules.

  • Photoshop Introduction

    A full day workshop using the industry standard photo editing application Adobe Photoshop for modifying and editing images.

  • SharePoint Level 3 - Site Owner

    Manage access to your SharePoint site, customise your navigation to suit, expand your site with sub sites and customise forms and workflows to match your business practices.

  • SPSS Core Skills

    This workshop will teach participants how to successfully set-up SPSS data files and also run some basic analyses.

  • Visio Introduction

    Visio makes it easier than ever to create and share professional, versatile diagrams and flowcharts that simplify complex information.

  • Word Intermediate

    This course tackles some of the most important word processing features such as styles, indented and numbered paragraphs, document navigation with headers, footers and page numbering.

  • Word Charts and Graphics

    Create charts in Word or link existing Excel charts so that they will update automatically. Make use of Word's powerful formatting tools for graphics you insert to give them added impact.

  • Word Styles

    Understand how to use and modify Styles.