Study options

Your university years will be among the best of your life. At The University of Auckland, we offer an impressive range of study options - from preparation programmes through to postgraduate study.

  • Undergraduate programmes

    View the complete list of undergraduate certificates, diplomas and degrees, with links to entry requirements, scholarship opportunities and more.

  • Conjoint programmes

    Find out which of our undergraduate degrees can be studied together as conjoint programmes of study.

  • Preparation programmes

    If you don’t meet our entry requirements, check out these alternative pathways to help you gain admission to University.

  • Summer School

    Spread your workload or kick-start your academic year in the summer break. A selection of undergraduate courses are on offer Jan-Feb during Summer School.

  • Special Admission

    Special Admission is a way to gain entrance if you are over 20 years of age and want to study at the University but don't have a formal university entrance qualification.

  • Academic pathways for MIT students

    Learn how Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) students and graduates can further their education at the University.

  • Young Scholars Programme

    We have a selection of exciting and stimulating Stage I courses for Year 13 students.

  • Choosing a programme

    What to think about when choosing your programme of study, and the resources available to help you make your decision.

  • How to choose your courses

    Some programmes have a higher proportion of core courses, while others give you more flexibility in your course selection.

  • Example of a study timetable

    Here you can view a sample timetable for full-time study at the University, plus more information on timetables.

  • General Education

    A required component of all undergraduate degrees, which will expose you to other disciplines outside of your main field of study.

  • Student exchange opportunities

    Immerse yourself in another culture, attend lectures on the other side of the world, and have the adventure of a lifetime.

  • Postgraduate study

    We offer postgraduate diplomas, masters and doctorates so you can further your studies beyond your undergraduate degree.

  • Study Tips

    Find out how to best prepare for your upcoming exams with our top ten study tips.