Catherine Davies

Development Manager, Law

As an alumna of the University of Auckland Law School, I feel very privileged to now be working alongside professional and academic staff for the betterment of the faculty.

This is New Zealand’s strongest and most successful law school and I am proud to call it my alma mater. Through rigorous scholarship and impassioned teaching, the Auckland law school is producing graduates who will make a difference to their community, the law and the wider world.

In my role as Development Manager I am fortunate to work with a team of people who are truly dedicated to providing a world class legal education. I am also able to build relationships with alumni and friends who are passionate about philanthropy and recognise the importance of giving back in order to secure the future of New Zealand. My interactions with committed staff, talented students and inspiring alumni are great motivation to always give my all; for an organisation that has given so much to me and will continue to give to generations of young New Zealanders.