What's next for our refugee students?

A thriving future or another impossible challenge? Your support for scholarships will change lives.

Introducing The Refugee Scholarships Drive.

For talented and motivated refugee students, a scholarship can mean the difference between attending university and reaching their full potential or missing the opportunity completely.

Funded entirely through donations, the University of Auckland’s Refugee Scholarships Drive makes a real and tangible difference to the lives of our refugee students.

Scholarships provide recipients with $5,000 of financial assistance, which can be used to purchase textbooks, help cover fees, and enable access to the resources they need to navigate university life.

The University of Auckland’s Refugee Scholarship Drive is funded by voluntary donations. It is the generosity of people like you that ensures these important scholarships can continue to transform the lives of people in our refugee communities.

By supporting the Refugee Scholarships Drive, you are helping give these talented students the resources they need to flourish and achieve the future they deserve.

Help write the next chapter for refugee students

Before receiving a Refugee Scholarship, the cost of achieving a university education was insurmountable for Aryan.
Before receiving a Refugee Scholarship, the cost of achieving a university education was insurmountable for Aryan.

Across the world, 82.4 million people have been forcibly displaced due to persecution, conflict or human rights violations.

Students from these backgrounds have often lived lives of fear, danger and uncertainty.  

We didn’t know the language; we didn’t know anything we were walking into. It’s a completely different life.


For these people, resettling in New Zealand gives them safety, but not an end to their struggles.

Starting life anew means overcoming challenges with language barriers, a lack of support networks, and adjusting to a completely new culture and way of life.

On top of this, many people have to work two or more jobs in order to earn enough money to survive. It means the additional cost of a university education is simply out of the question.

And when these talented and motivated individuals cannot contribute to their fullest potential, our society as a whole suffers.

Please contribute to a welcoming society, thriving through education.

“I want to say the scholarship really did help me. Now that I don’t need to think about finances I’m really getting on with studying and doing assignments. I bought some supplies for studying like stationery, course books, laptop and some new clothes – since we’re approaching winter and I’m not just wearing two outfits a week like in high school. This has been really helpful, I hope you can support more people like this in the future.

Zarni, Refugee Scholarship recipient 2018.

Zarni, Refugee Scholar
Zarni, Refugee Scholar