Questions about online giving

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How do I cancel a recurring monthly payment?

You can fill in this short online form, or call 0800 61 62 63.

Note that cancellations can take up to two business days to complete.

I’ve set up a recurring payment, but my credit card has expired. How do I register a new one?

To continue your support, you’ll need to make a new recurring donation with your new credit card.

I’ve set up a recurring payment and was not charged for one month, but then twice the next month. Why is that?

Recurring donations go out each month on the date the first donation was made. If you made your donation after the 29th of the month, for months with less than 29 days, the system will attempt to make the donation on the next working day. For example – if you made your first donation on 31 January, the system would not bill in February (as there is no 31st February) and would instead bill on 1 March and again on 31 March.

I made a donation but did not receive a receipt via email. Can you resend my receipt?

Please contact providing as much detail as possible about your donation, and we will send a receipt to your nominated email address.

What is the trading name of the organisation that receives donations made on this website?

The University of Auckland Foundation or, in the case of medical donations, the School of Medicine Foundation. This is the name that will appear on your cardholder statements - please note that it may be truncated - e.g. UOA FOUNDATION.

What is the address of either Foundation?

19a Princes Street, Auckland

Mailing address:
Private Bag 92019
Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142
New Zealand.

The Foundation is New Zealand owned.

How do I contact either Foundation if I have a query about payments made through this website?

Contact John Bird, Acting Foundation Administrator.

E-mail address

Are all transactions on the site billed in New Zealand dollars (NZD)

Yes. Both Foundations are New Zealand charities and all donations are in New Zealand dollars.

What is your refund policy?

Because a tax receipt for a charitable donation usually entitles a New Zealand donor to a 33 1/3% rebate, a refund can only be given if: i) it is requested in writing with an explanation for the request, and ii) denying the request would impose unreasonable hardship on the donor, or the Foundation is unable to expend the donation for its original purpose, and iii) it is accompanied by the original tax receipt if one has been issued, and iv) the donation has not already been expended for its charitable purpose.

Are your payment pages secure?

Yes, the payment pages on this website are secured using 128bit SSL encryption.