Building and fire warden training

This 90-minute briefing is provided prior to the start of each semester. It provides building and floor wardens with emergency evacuation information on:

  • Policy
  • Procedures
  • Practices.

Key content

Emergency evacuation policy and procedures.


This course is for building and floor wardens at the University.


A Health, Safety and Wellbeing manager or delegated representative will be the facilitator.

EVOLVE capabilities

  • University awareness
  • Scholarship/professional development

Leadership framework dimension

Setting direction

Course number




Dates, times and enrolment

For information on dates, times, availability and enrolments for this training:

  1. Visit Career Tools to view course availability.
  2. Find the session you would like to attend and click on the request button to register.

Note: If you are staff and can't access Career Tools, please email Specify the event you wish to enrol in, providing your full name, ID number and the event code.

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