Health and safety representative training

Find out more about these workshops for stages one, two and three.

Enrolment, dates and times information

  • Visit Career Tools to view course availability
  • Find the session you would like to attend and click on the request button to register
  • Note that this training is only available for employees of the University of Auckland.


  • Free. Courses are funded by the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Service, with the cost per person being over $400 per person (excluding GST).
  • Non-Attendance.  
    • A withdrawal from training that is advised at least a week prior will not incur payment, however a short notice withdrawal will incur costs for the materials and resources that have been ordered.
    • A failure to attend on the day of training will incur full cost recovery from the nominee’s cost centre. It is permissible for the nominee’s line manager to substitute another person for the original nominee to avoid the cost recovery.

Stage one

This workshop provides initial support for health and safety representatives.

The University has a Health and Safety Committees Standard and Procedure, with supporting terms of reference. It is based on a good practice model, which this workshop supports.

Trained health and safety representatives help to improve operational health and safety performance.

Course content 

A comprehensive two-day programme for health and safety representatives that includes:

  • Introduction to workplace health and safety
  • Employee participation
  • Responsibility of management and delegated responsibilities
  • Shared accountabilities – the role of a safety committee
  • Good faith in practice (communication)
  • Role of the health and safety representative
  • Hazard management

Venue and course materials

The course is being held on the City Campus, with course materials and catering provided for the two days.


  • Nominated health and safety representatives and health and safety committee members are expected to attend. 
  • Numbers are limited (20 per course) so register early.  
  • Anyone involved in the management of health and safety are welcome to register.

Stage two

This course reviews and builds upon the skills, knowledge and competencies developed in stage one.

This course will enable you to:

  • Understand the legal responsibilities of employers and  employees in the workplace
  • Gather and interpret accident and injury data
  • Conduct an internal audit or self-assessment
  • Identify critical health and safety hazards
  • Comply with relevant codes of practice
  • Assessment of skills – NZQA

Key content

  • Revisions of stage one health and safety training
  • Gathering and interpreting accident and injury data
  • Health and safety management systems internal audit and self-assessment
  • Hazard identification. Body mapping, critical health and safety hazards
  • Reading a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Hazard management. Control of specific hazards in your workplace
  • Identifying applicable codes of practice
  • Compliance with relevant codes of practice


Staff who:

  • Have completed health and safety representative training stage one OR
  • Are involved with health and safety in the workplace.


EMA (Employers and Manufacturers Association) Learning

Stage three

  • Two-day workshop for:
    • Experienced health and safety representatives
    • Others involved in workplace health and safety.
  • It is expected that participants are health and safety representatives who:
    • Have completed stages one and two OR
    • Are staff who have a level of health and safety knowledge similar to that covered in stages 1 and 2. 
  • Assessment of skills – NZQA

Key content

  • How improvements in health and safety link to productivity
  • Interpreting injury claims information
  • Measuring what matters
  • Calculating the costs of workplace injury
  • Sources of injury information in the workplace
  • Your role in promoting improvements in health and safety
  • Your role in supporting an injured worker and return to work plans


  • Health and safety representatives who have completed stages one and two. 
  • Staff with extensive knowledge and experience of health and safety in the workplace.


Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) NZ

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