Graduation ceremonies a fitting celebration of years of hard work

The 2024 Autumn Graduation ceremonies are under way, with dedicated ceremonies for each faculty.

Chancellor Cecilia Tarrant at the 2024 Education and Social Work graduation ceremony on 6 May.
Chancellor Cecilia Tarrant at the 2024 Education and Social Work graduation ceremony on 6 May.

This week sees the culmination of years of hard slog by almost 7,000 Waipapa Taumata Rau, University of Auckland students as they cross the stage at a number of graduation ceremonies.

Around 5,000 students are attending the ceremonies, held at Spark Arena, for the Faculties of Education and Social Work, Science, Engineering,  Bioengineering, Business, and Arts. On 14 May, there will be further ceremonies for Creative Arts and Industries and Law at the Auckland Town Hall.

Another 1,800 students will graduate in absentia.

More than 6,600 qualifications are being awarded, with 113 people gaining two qualifications and two earning three.

The University’s Chancellor, Cecilia Tarrant, told the attendees at the first of the ceremonies, Education and Social Work, that the formal ceremonies were a recognition befitting students’ achievements.

She said with dedicated ceremonies for each faculty this year, rather than the  combined ceremonies of the past, the University is providing the "best and the shortest" experiences for graduands.

“Concentrating the ceremonies also gives us the opportunity to celebrate some of the many accomplishments and accolades received by members of each faculty over the past year.”

The number of doctoral students graduating in person in the 2024 autumn ceremonies is around 175, with around 30 in absentia.

The oldest graduand is 74 and the youngest is 20.

Stories about some of our outstanding graduands will appear during this week at this link.

Over the weekend, the Ngā Tauira Māori (Māori Students Association) also held an additional celebration for Māori graduands and their whānau. 

The University’s Spring Graduation ceremony is held in September.

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