Student and staff device requests

Updated Thursday 9 September 2021

To support all students and staff with their remote learning and working requirements for:

  • Laptops
  • Wi-Fi connections

all approved requests are able to be couriered during Alert Level 4 lockdown.

Please follow the processes outlined below.

Students excluding doctoral candidates

Students in need of laptops and/or Wi-Fi devices are asked to complete the Student Technology Support form. The Student Contact Centre handles these requests.

Doctoral candidates

To request a Wi-Fi device, please complete the Student Technology Support form.

To request a laptop, please speak to your supervisor about submitting a request on your behalf using the Assistance to retrieve form in the IT Portal.


To request a laptop and/or Wi-Fi device, please use the Assistance to retrieve form in the IT Portal.

Your request will go to your faculty/LSRI/service division Business Continuity Plan lead for review.


  • That for all deliveries a valid mobile number is required to ensure delivery can be completed. Devices will not be delivered if the requestor cannot confirm they are at the delivery address at the time of delivery and accept the delivery contactless. Devices will not be left at addresses, they will be returned to the University.
  • It can take up to five working days for a delivery to be completed, please ensure your requests take this timeframe into account.