In solidarity with Ukraine

Friday 17 June 2022

The continuing conflict in Ukraine is abhorrent and unjustified. The University of Auckland stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and all those affected by the conflict and growing humanitarian crisis.

We have students and staff from both Ukraine and Russia in our University community, and we acknowledge the impact this conflict is having on them all. At this difficult time, it is important that we continue to treat all our colleagues with kindness and respect.

As befits our role as ‘critic and conscience of society’, many of our academic staff members are also providing expert commentary and critical analysis of the situation in Ukraine.

Support for students and staff

Affected students are being supported through the Student Emergency Fund. Support is also available from Te Papa Manaaki Campus Care

Staff affected by the crisis may seek support from our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

Expert commentary

Russian academic: 'I'm angry at my country' (UniNews)
Research fellow Natalia Booth 

Russian oil embargo explained (podcast, 95BFM)
Associate Professor Stephen Hoadley

The three wars in Ukraine (Newsroom)
Associate Professor Stephen Hoadley

Why has NZ welcomed Ukrainians fleeing war and not others trying to do the same?
(The Conversation)
Professor Jay Marlowe

History shows us there will be no winners in Ukraine (Newsroom)
Professor Robert Greenberg

Establishing guilt for war crimes is not straightforward (Stuff)
Associate Professor Stephen Hoadley

Making sense of Vladimir Putin (Newsroom)
Associate Professor Stephen Hoadley

Russian propaganda and its New Zealand audience (NZ Herald)
Associate Professor Stephen Hoadley

Ukraine invasion: Is letting a sleeping dog lie always the right answer? (Stuff)
Dr Ritesh Shah

Expert panel

Beyond the soundbites: contextualising the Russian invasion of Ukraine
Panel discussion chaired by Bernadette Luciano (Europe Institute)