Accommodation kainoho Shave for a Cure

He waka eke noa – We’re all in this together

With this motto Ngā Wharenoho | Accommodation strives every year to build community within our halls but importantly also support the wider community around us. Kainoho | residents are encouraged to practice manaakitanga wherever possible individually and through Accommodation led efforts. Recently University Hall Towers (UHT) kainoho, Lachy McIntosh, took this mission to heart when he approached Jess Boniface, Resident Coordinator, to start an in-hall Shave for a Cure campaign.

Shave for a Cure is an annual fundraising event led by Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand. Every year, individuals and groups across Aotearoa come together to raise funds which will support researching a cure for diseases affecting ~21,000 people in the country each year. Eight children and adults are diagnosed every day with a form of blood cancer. Lachy found it crucial UHT support them and their families by joining in on the fundraising drive.

Lachy and Jess got to work quickly recruiting other students and staff at UHT willing to participate. They got commitment from six people willing to shave their heads and two to donate their hair to Freedom Wigs NZ.

After preparing their donation page, the team’s first fundraising goal was $800. Little did they know that this goal would be met just four hours after going public! Subsequently they raised their fundraising goal to $1,500 and then $5,000 which were both quickly met. With support from their Accommodation community and loved ones, the eight participants raised an extraordinary $8,897.

On 28 May, the team and kainoho across UHT gathered excitedly in the courtyard to take part as participants and spectators in the shaving process. This sought after event had overflow crowds watching from the upper level balcony and windows. Fellow kainoho were able to use the shaving sheers themselves and as excitement ramped up, one kainoho volunteered to shave his heads in solidarity.

Having heard of this event, a non-resident UoA student came to join on shaving day. He has twice survived Leukaemia and spoke to kainoho on what their manaakitanga means to him, individuals struggling with blood diseases, and their families.

This event was organized, advertised, and held in just three short weeks due to the commitment and hard work of UHT kainoho and Resident Advisers. Through community and grass roots spirit, the UHT community will help save lives and they hope to make this an annual fundraising event.

To date, Shave for a Cure has raised $758,601 this year. If you’d like to learn more or join in the campaign, you can learn more on their website.

Thank you to all who supported this effort but especially those who shaved or cut their hair for donation. These are:

  • Lachy McIntosh
  • Jackson Jarvie
  • Yash Patel
  • Dileetha Kohoban Arahchi
  • Jack Buchanan
  • Nick McGuire Barnes
  • Alan Chien
  • Daniel Lavin
  • Olivia Simpson
  • Shannon Macdonald
  • Saidaldeen Hassan