PASS mentors

Accommodation facilitates Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) in our Halls of Residence, where senior students volunteer to support first year students in subject area group study sessions.

What is a PASS mentor?

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are weekly interactive study sessions aimed at supporting student success. They are facilitated by senior students who have done well in that subject area. PASS sessions are not intended to replace lectures, tutorials or labs: they are supplementary to them.

Course content is not ‘re-taught’ but rather the Mentors promote collaborative learning, promote problem solving, discussion and debate. Facilitators also assist students to gain an understanding of expectations, and become familiar with the concepts and language of the discipline. This ‘active’ learning encourages students to take responsibility for processing the subject material, thereby helping students to develop effective and independent learning skills necessary for success in their course. In addition, the more relaxed setting of the peer-to-peer environment creates opportunities for students to connect with other students and study groups, and assist in enhancing their time at the University.

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Your role in the PASS programme:

As a PASS mentor, your role is to provide academic assistance for Accommodation students to work through the problems they encounter, helping them to understand their lecture notes, and assisting them to prepare for tests, assignments and exams. This may include working through similar model questions, providing general advice on learning strategies or how to cope with workload pressures.

Your time commitment:

PASS Mentors volunteer one weekly, one-hour shift between the hours of 6 – 8pm. PASS Mentors can specify which days they would prefer to volunteer. Preferred day are Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday. There is a leadership training session prior to the commencement of the academic year that volunteers will be required to attend as well.

What do you get for being a PASS Mentor?

Who says that doing well, enjoying yourself and meeting your personal and professional goals can’t happen at the same time?

  • Volunteer experience and connection to the Co-Curricular Recognition Programme
  • Mentoring and working with groups experience
  • A free meal on the night you mentor
  • Training provided on working with groups and academic support
  • Subject up-skill and confidence building by reviewing previous academic material and assisting others’ comprehension
  • Quality CV experience and a written recommendation letter at the conclusion of the year
  • Contribute to the common good of the community and have a positive impact
  • Be recognised in the halls and at our Residential Excellence Gala
  • Give back to your community

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Which subjects can you mentor?

There are over 50 positions available as PASS Mentors. We are looking for high achieving (6 GPA or above) students who have completed at least one year of tertiary study. The subject areas we are looking for PASS Mentors to volunteer in are:

  • Law
  • Commerce
  • Medical Sciences
  • Sciences
  • Essay-based subjects (Arts & Education)
  • Engineering
  • Creative Arts (Fine Arts & Architecture)

How to apply

Applications are currently closed but will reopen in ahead of Semester Two. You are welcome to register yout interest via the form.

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