Accommodation developments

We currently offer 3,000 beds in both catered and self-catered residences at the University of Auckland. Read more about our upcoming developments as we work towards accommodating 7,500 students by 2026.

UniLodge Whitaker

UniLodge Whitaker common room
UniLodge Whitaker common room

As at 1 February 2018, Accommodation will take over the lease for UniLodge Whitaker, which will add 300 self-catered studio apartments for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students to our accommodation offerings. Find out more about UniLodge Whitaker.

Grafton Hall

Grafton Hall under construction
Grafton Hall construction is well underway

Construction is well underway on our redevelopment of the Grafton Hall site with one of the three buildings on track to being completed in early 2018. This first year hall of residence is scheduled to reopen in 2019.

Waipārūrū Hall

Artist's impression of 35 Whitaker
Artist's impression of 35 Whitaker (left towers)

Construction has also begun at 35 Whitaker Place, which will be the largest catered school leaver hall in New Zealand, with 786 beds in two towers located adjacent to Whitaker Hall.

We are also pleased to announce that the University naming commitee has approved the name: Waipārūrū Hall.

This exciting new build is scheduled to open in 2020.

Waikohanga House

Artist's impression of completed 44 Symonds exterior
Artist's impression of completed 44 Symonds exterior

Renovations to the apartment building located on 44 Symonds street have started, which will add to accommodation’s offerings for couples and families in one, two and three bedroom apartments.

We are pleased to announce that the University naming committee has approved the name: Waikohanga House.

Stage one of this residence is scheduled to open late March 2018.

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