Introducing Rainbow merchandise!

In celebration of Pride this month we are excited to launch a new range of Rainbow merchandise at the Campus Store!

Picture of Rainbow merchandise

About the range

Our Rainbow merch range has launched to support our Rainbow communities and provide everyone with clothes and accessories they can wear with pride.

Each item has been designed in consultation with the University’s Rainbow Student Network and includes pronoun badges, a zip-up sweater, a mug, socks, and a lanyard.

The Campus Store conducted research and gathered feedback on what merchandise students would like to see, to show support for our Rainbow communities, and provide items that are fun and wearable for everyone.

This pilot range has been released in time with Auckland Pride Month this February. The products feature colours from the Progress Pride flag subtly and cohesively, and a proportion of each sale will be donated to groups within our University Rainbow communities.

Where will the donations go?

Donations from each product sale will be collated and filtered into our Rainbow Communities at the University. Our Rainbow Support Worker will collaborate with relevant staff and student groups to ascertain where these donations can best help on a monthly basis. If you are a part of one of our Rainbow network and would like to be involved or discuss this initiative further please see the contact details at the bottom of this webpage.

The Campus Store’s goal is to continue to contribute to the University’s student community in a meaningful way. When designing our Rainbow merch range, quality products and designs have been prioritised to provide items that last, and that students want to see and wear. The Campus Store team have tried to maximise the amount that can be donated to Rainbow groups from the sale of the items, while still ensuring enough funds can be generated to sustainably produce them long-term.

As this range is the first of its kind at the Campus Store, feedback will be gathered throughout the year from students and used to inform how the Rainbow merchandise can be modified or extended moving forward.

We welcome any feedback on how this initiative can further support our Rainbow community. You can reach our Campus Store team on For more information on support for Rainbow students at the University of Auckland, visit the Student Equity Hub. You can also get in touch with our Rainbow Support Worker, Michael Heard, by emailing him on