Sports Awards

Congratulations to the winners of our 2022 Interfaculty and Tertiary Sports Awards.

The Sports Awards are a chance to recognise and celebrate students who have excelled in Interfaculty and Tertiary sports throughout the year.

Staff and students were encouraged to vote for their favourite team and players from the categories listed below. Award winners and runners-up in each category were announced on social media, this included the announcement of the Elizabeth Campbell Cup, Sir Colin Maiden Interfaculty Shield and UTSNZ Shield. 

Individual Sporting Excellence Awards

Award Name Place
Basketball Mikaere Watene Winner
  Terence Adbon Runner-up
Ultimate Frisbee Zaria Ireland Winner
  Li Yeoh Runner-up
Volleyball James Sadlier Winner
  Matty Bell Runner-up
Futsal Jordana Bremner Winner
  Mike Antamanov Runner-up
Badminton Shaunna Li Winner
  Oscar Guo Runner-up
Rowing Waldo Singleton Winner
  Camille Dignadice Runner-up
Netball Crystal Maro Winner
  Courtney Katterns Runner-up

Interfaculty Sport: Major Awards

Name Place
Interfaculty Team of the year Science Ultimate Frisbee Winner
  Engineering Women's Futsal Runner-up
Manager of the Year Narise Hansen Winner
  Solomon Fifita Runner-up
Supporter of the Year Cecelia Koloamatangi
  Hayato Yoneto
Interfaculty Sportsman of the Year Kellen Dudley-Rode Winner
  Solomon Fifita Runner-up
Interfaculty Sportswoman of the Year Chui Yee Wong Winner
  Rebecca Hughes Runner-up
Elizabeth Campbell Cup Narise Hansen Winner
  John Golena Runner-up
Sir Colin Maiden Shield Science Spartans Winner
  Engineering Eagles

Tertiary Sport: Major Awards

Award Name Place
Rookie of the year Catherine Hall Winner
  Shaunna Li Runner-up
Coach of the Year Liz Page Winner
  Ethan Taylor Runner-up
Tertiary Team of the Year Netball Winner
  Ultimate Flood Runner-up
Tertiary Sportsman of the Year Li Yeoh Winner
  Mikaere Watene Runner-up
Tertiary Sportswoman of the Year Crystal Maro Winner
  Zaria Ireland Runner-up
UTSNZ Shield The University of Auckland Winner