How to start a club

Are you interested in starting a new club on campus? Do you think you have something new and different to add to the University?

In order to become a recognised student group on campus, you need to complete a Statement of Purpose form to outline how you intend on contributing to the University community. You will also need to have at least 20 members (70% of which are current students at the University of Auckland, or alumni within the three previous years, all with valid Student ID numbers).

There are two opportunities in 2024 to apply. During these times, the student body may be consulted on the proposed group.

  Applications open Applications close Outcome notified Welcome event Deadline for full information
Semester One Friday 1 March 2024 Wednesday 13 March 2024 Friday 29 March 2024 Wednesday 3 April 2024 Wednesday 24 April 2024
Semester Two Wednesday 24 July 2024 Wednesday 31 July 2024 Friday 16 August 2024 Wednesday 21 August 2024 Friday 6 September 2024

Process of application

There are four stages to this process:

1. During a period of application, complete a Statement of Purpose. Describe the group's purpose, planned activities, and include a list of members with student ID numbers.

1.1 What would be the purpose of your group?

1.2 Do other similar groups currently exist within the
University? How does your proposed group differ?

1.3 What kind of activities do you imagine happening
over the year?

2. Following this, the Club Support Committee will review your application. AUSA may consult with students during this period. The committee will consider the new group criteria and get back to you within the required timeframe.

3. If approved, you will be asked to submit a series of documents within three weeks, including contact details, membership fees, a constitution, Annual General Meeting minutes, proof of bank account (plus two signatories), and acknowledgement of policy protocol and rules. If your application is not approved, the committee will provide the group with feedback.

4. Once documents are submitted, the group is considered to be a recognised student group, and will have access to all group resources. However, if you fail to submit the required documents within the agreed timeframe, the group won't be recognised.

Being recognised by the University allows your group to:

  • Book rooms and hold events on campus.
  • Apply for grants.
  • Book equipment like barbecues and tables for your on-campus events.
  • Have a stall during Clubs Expo.
  • Get a listing on the University website.
  • Access manuals, training, development and support.
  • Be eligible for Club Awards.
  • All the support and advice you need to run a successful organisation.

Need a hand?

Feel free to email the team at for advice.