How to start a club

There are over 200 clubs on campus, but if you can’t find one you’d like to join, why not start one?

In order to become an officially recognised club on campus you need to:

  • Have at least 10 members (70% of whom must be current students with valid student ID numbers).
  • Elect a President, Treasurer and Secretary as officers.
  • Have a constitution (this outlines your reason for existing and club rules. For some examples, see the Clubs Administrator).
  • Have a bank account with two officers as signatories.

All of these must be confirmed at a General Meeting and recorded in the minutes. Ask the Clubs Administrator for an Initial General Meeting Minutes template if you need one.

Send all this information to the Clubs Administrator and you are well on the road to becoming a recognised club.

The final step is for your club to be approved by Student Forum. This is a check by the student body. Student Forum happens at 1pm on Wednesdays in the Quad. Clubs will get advance notice of when they are to present. You will be asked to speak briefly about what the club does. It’s a great opportunity to raise awareness about the club’s activities and purpose and recruit new members.

Official recognition allows your club to:

  • Book rooms and hold events on campus.
  • Apply for UoA/AUSA Club Grants.
  • Book things like BBQs and PA systems for your on-campus events.
  • Have a stall during O-week.
  • Get a listing on the University and AUSA club directory.
  • Free mail services.
  • Access club manuals, training, development and support.
  • Be eligible for Club Awards.
  • Access special deals with University supplies (e.g a free website).
  • All the support and advice you need to run a successful club.

Annual health checks for existing clubs

This is required each year to make sure that the club still exists and is running OK. It requires the club to:

  • Update the contact and officer details of the club.
  • Tell us about any changes to your constitution.
  • Provide current membership numbers, and evidence that at least 70% of the members are currently enrolled University of Auckland students.
  • A financial check to make sure the club’s financial systems are in order.

Templates and checklists are available from the Clubs Administrator.