Curriculum Framework Transformation Programme

The University has established the Curriculum Framework Transformation Programme to support the delivery of strategic education and student experience priorities.

Consultation on Phase 1 of the Curriculum Framework has now closed

The CFT Phase 1 Consultation Document and Curriculum Structure supporting paper closed for consultation on Tuesday 7 June at 3pm. We are now in the feedback review period where an independent Review Committee made up of students and staff will consider the feedback and make recommendations for changes.

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The Curriculum Framework Transformation (CFT) programme was tasked to initiate work on a proposal to transform Waipapa Taumata Rau | University of Auckland’s Curriculum Framework (CF) in line with Taumata Teitei, the University’s strategic plan. 

The programme of work is ongoing, but the CFT phase 1 Consultation Document presents for formal consultation a suite of eight taumata or transformational principles to guide our response with respect to curriculum.

They arise from and return to place, to our institutional values, to who we are as a community, to whom we connect, and how we go about our work. 

Two sets of recommendations for the Curriculum Framework (CF) are also presented: 

  • 24 Recommendations for Curriculum Structure for formal consultation
  • Indicative key emerging recommendations from other focus areas of CF work are noted for information only and to give a sense of the range and interconnection of that work. These emerging recommendations are not yet finalised and will be the subject of ongoing discussion and refinement prior to consultation in July/August.

Following each phase of consultation, the feedback will go through a process of review leading to refinement of the taumata and recommendations prior to endorsement by PDDC, approval by the University Executive Committee, Education Committee, Senate and Council.These processes will conclude by the end of 2022. 

Supporting papers or information for indicative key emerging recommendations

The CF specialist areas were established to enable focus on the transformative areas identified in Taumata Teitei. In order to provide a more holistic view of a transformed CF, some key emerging recommendations pertaining to the other workstreams and specialist areas of the CF are included in the CFT Phase 1 Consultation Document. They are point-in-time ideas and are included in the consultation document to give a sense of the holistic nature of the CF.

Greater detail on the work undertaken to this stage and the context for these emerging recommendations may be found in the links below. As working documents/information, they are not finalised and represent the current state of ideas and discussion.


Date Activity
July 2021 - December 2021

Design phase 

The Curriculum Framework Transformation Taskforce supports the development of, and engagement on, a refreshed University Graduate Profile and emerging recommendations on a transformed Curriculum Framework.

January - August 2022

Refine and approval phase 

Refinement of emerging recommendations and formal consultation on the draft Curriculum Framework is undertaken with students, staff and stakeholders. Approval of the refreshed Graduate Profile and final Curriculum Framework is obtained. Programmes and courses are reviewed against the new framework and programme Graduate Profiles commenced.

October – onward

Implementation phase 

Activity to enable implementation of
the new framework continues. Actioning of agreed curriculum changes and embedded graduate profile in programmes and courses commences:

  • Get-going activity / quick-win changes – through 2023
  • Major structure changes – Sem 1 2024

Learn more about the CFT Programme

Visit the Curriculum Framework overview page for more information on the background of this programme.

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