Curriculum Framework Transformation Programme

Work on Curriculum Framework Transformation began in 2021 and is now entering its third phase – implementation.

CFT enters Phase 3 – implementation

Phase 3 workstreams

Phase 3 is made up of several workstreams which will help to realise the goals and aspirations of Curriculum Framework transformation. This includes covering key framework elements like sustainability, transdisciplinarity, Mātauranga Māori pathways and signature pedagogical shifts (addressing how students will learn and how the University might teach).

Faculties will take on a lot of the work involved in getting the new curriculum framework in place through the review and design of their programmes.

About Curriculum Framework

Curriculum Framework Transformation (CFT) is a strategic initiative which has established a Curriculum Framework that, once implemented, will deliver a distinctive Waipapa Taumata Rau | University of Auckland educational experience.

The Curriculum Framework is comprised of four components, which are the Taumata, Signature Pedagogical Practices, Graduate Profile and Design Features.


The Taumata are the guiding principles for the curriculum framework.

Graduate Profile

A Graduate Profile is a critical foundational statement for teaching at Waipapa Taumata Rau |The University of Auckland.  Work is now underway to develop programme level capabilities to ensure the revised Graduate Profile is embedded by Semester 1, 2024.

Signature Pedagogocial Practices (SPP) ​​​​​​​

How the University delivers the curriculum is one of the key components of the Curriculum Framework. 

Design features 

Design features covers the structure, content and approach to realise the aspirational student experiences within programmes. 


Phase 1 July - December 2021: Ideation and design Exploration of the opportunities to realise the aspirations of Taumata Teitei through the transformation of the curriculum
Phase 2 January - December 2022: CF Refine, approval & prepare implementation Co-creation, consultation, refinement and approval of the CF Taumata (guiding principles), CF, refreshed Graduate Profile, identification of capability uplift priorities, and completion of planning for implementation
Phase 3 2023: Implementation of CF Prioritisation, readiness, implementation planning
Phase 3 2024: Implementation of CF All transformational elements underway (includes pilots and early adoption)
Phase 3 2025: Implementation of CF CF realised at scale, new/enhanced programmes

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Visit the Curriculum Framework overview page for more information on the background of this programme.

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