Art of the Fale Pasifika

Meet the artists involved in creating the Fale Pasifika complex.

Albert Refiti - architect and academic

Albert talks about bringing together architects and artists to build the Fale Pasifika.

Filipe Tohi - sculptor and lalava exponent

Filipe talks about the patterned lashing that binds the timber members of the fale.

John Pule - Niuean artist and poet

John talks about his glass drawings which adorn the outside of the main administration building.

Jim Vivieaere - Rarotongan Artist

The late Jim Vivieaere talks about his towering beacon and frigatebird work on the Malae.

Tania Short - artist

Tania talks about how the tradition of seafaring influenced her design for the Malae. 

Tomui Kaloni - Tongan artist

Tomui Kaloni talks about the inspiration for the soaring entrance-way to the Malae.

Fatu Feu’u - artist

Fatu talks about his sculpture

Tapa Residency (2011)
Strengthening heritage art forms of Pacific communities in New Zealand and the Pacific.

Weaving Residency
Items crafted by weavers.