Elite athletes and high performing students

Our High Performance Support Programme could help with the challenges of juggling tertiary study with the commitments associated with your chosen sport or activity.

About the High Performance Support Programme

The programme offers the following services:

  • Advice on balancing your commitments, University processes, degree planning and support to reach your academic and extra-curricular goals.
  • Access to funding through the Sport Support Fund, details below.
  • Free gym membership if required (you must be studying at least 30 points).
  • Space - rehearsal space can be an invaluable asset to those practicing for an upcoming event or competition. While space at the University is at a premium, we will endeavour to find an appropriate area for you to rehearse or practice on campus.
  • Networking opportunities.


As a member of the programme you will have gained elite status in your chosen field, performing at the highest level in your sport or artistic pursuit and have been recognised by a national organisation. For example, you may be a member of a national netball squad or the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. You could also be on the development track toward an elite level.

You need to be prepared to maintain academic standards, keep the University up to date about your commitments and contribute back to the University where applicable.

How to register

Registrations are accepted at any time. Students remain on the programme throughout their study, provided that they are performing at the same level and maintain communication with the programme.

Sport Support Fund

This fund provides grants to high performance athletes who are competing and achieving at the highest levels of their sport. This is available to those who have been selected to represent New Zealand or the University of Auckland at an international level and need assistance with travel, accommodation, registration fees and other costs associated with attending international events.

Applications are welcome at any time while the fund is open. Students may apply as soon as they have a selection letter.

Contact: Tracey Spray, University Sport
Email: highperformance@auckland.ac.nz