Copyright works created and copyright owned by staff or the University

Staff retain copyright in the instructional materials they produce as part of their employment under the Intellectual Property Created by Staff and Students Policy, although the University has a non-exclusive royalty free right to use that work in the delivery of courses or programmes offered by the University.

If the work is to be copied from a hard copy book or journal a request for digitisation should be made through Talis. If the work is a film or video, check if some of the content has been copied under a licence which would preclude use of the film or video by others.

Video created by the University

  • You need permission from the division responsible to ensure the University has the right to use the video for other purposes.
  • May be copied only with permission of any identifiable individuals and copyright owner.
  • If video recorded in a public place where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy then consent of individuals is not required.

Unpublished photographs

  • May be copied if copyright owner and identifiable individuals included in photographs have consented.