Calculator designations for examinations

This information supports the Assessment (Coursework, Tests and Examinations) Procedures 2023.

Note: the following rules apply to hand-written examinations held on campus.  Other conditions may apply to examinations sat online with remote invigilation or computer-based examinations. 

The use of calculators in examinations must be approved by the Course Director. 

Calculators must not be shared or used in a manner that interferes with or distracts another candidate. 

Students must be formally notified as early as possible in the semester as to whether calculators will be allowed during an examination and the permitted and expected features. 

Designations are: 

  • CP – Calculators are permitted.  Candidates are permitted to use any non-programmable calculator which satisfies the general conditions 
  • DC – Departmental Calculators.  Candidates will be supplied with calculators by the academic unit 
  • RC – Restricted non-alphanumeric non-programmable calculators are permitted.  Candidates are permitted to use any calculator which satisfies the general definition and conditions, and which does not provide the alphabet   
  • SC – Specified calculators are permitted.  Academic units may specify other necessary or desirable features as appropriate to the subject

Where calculators are permitted in the examination room, Examiners are required to be present at the commencement of the examination to inspect calculators.  This must be completed during the reading period at the start of the examination period, and may not be delegated to examination supervisors.