Note (26 June 2023): SET will be updated from Q3 and S2 2023. Please see About SET for the latest questionnaire and amend your Qualtrics survey accordingly.

How to use Qualtrics to evaluate courses with unique delivery

The University's primary method of summative course and teaching evaluation is the SET online system.  At the University of Auckland, each course is evaluated each time it is offered.  Most taught courses use SET, however there are some courses across the University that are not suitable, or not eligible for SET evaluation.  The reasons for this include:

  • Unique delivery (ie block taught or taught in non-standard semester timing.)  Courses not suitable for SET may use Qualtrics, where appropriate, as a substitute for SET.  Courses that have a unique delivery timing, with approval of the Associate Dean (Academic), may contact the Academic Quality Office to have the course exempted from SET evaluation.
  • The course does not meet the enrolment threshold for SET evaluation (<10 students).  In this case an alternative method of evaluation can be considered, such as Qualtrics. However Qualtrics should not be used for very small classes (<5 students).  

Qualtrics may also be used in some faculties to evaluate graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) who are not eligible to be evaluated in SET.

Courses that are eligible for SET evaluation, but not suitable because of delivery or timing may be excluded with the approval of the Associate Dean (Academic) in the faculty.  These courses must still be evaluated each time they are taught.

Where Qualtrics is to be used in place of SET for a course, the University core course evaluation questions should be used, and the overall course quality question must be used.  There is a template containing the core course evaluation questions available in Qualtrics.

Link to Qualtrics here.

For any questions regarding the use of Qualtrics for course evaluations, please contact the Academic Quality Office. 

How to set up a course evaluation in Qualtrics

A detailed guide on setting up Qualtrics course and teaching evaluations is available to download below. 

When setting up the evaluation in Qualtrics, the faculty Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) responsible for SET should be added as a 'collaborator' on the survey.  Associate Deans will then have access to survey reports and can report to the University Teaching and Learning Quality Committee, as occurs with SET.

Please note that collaborators need a Qualtrics account and Associate Deans are encouraged to create an account on the Qualtrics website.