SET Contacts

Faculty contacts for SET as at 24 November 2022.

Faculty Name



ARTS Lindsay Diggelmann l.diggelmann@ Assoc Dean (L&T)
ARTS Sushila Pinto s.pinto@ Group Svcs Mgr
ARTS Alison Salmon aj.salmon@ Group Svcs Team Lead
ARTS Nadia Huertas Lopez n.lopez@ Group Svcs Team Lead
ARTS Nina Mamnani n.mamnani@ Group Svcs Team Lead
B&E Douglas Carrie d.carrie@ Assoc Dean (L&T)
B&E - non-GSM Chrissy Bretherton c.bretherton@ Group Svcs Mgr
B&E - GSM only Andrew Eberhard a.eberhard@ Programme Director
B&E - GSM only Jenny Jefferson j.jefferson@ Mgr - MBA and PG Progs
B&E - GSM only Maribel Caballero maribel.caballero@ Group Svcs Admin
CAI Paola Boarin p.boarin@ Assoc Dean (L&T)
CAI Lizzie Luamanu lizzie.luamanu@ Acting Group Svcs Team Lead
EDSW Gail Ledger g.ledger@ Assoc Dean (L&T)
EDSW Samantha Lafaialii s.lafaialii@ Group Svcs Mgr
EDSW Ursula McIntyre u.mcintyre@ Group Svcs Mgr, Te Puna
ENG Peter Bier p.bier@ Assoc Dean (L&T)
ENG Aruna Lal a.sundar-lal@ Group Svcs Mgr
ENG Yogita Ragini-Hirst y.ragini-hirst@ Group Svcs Team Lead
FMHS John Egan j.egan@ Assoc Dean (L&T)
FMHS Christine Baes assistant-assocdeans@ EA to Assoc Deans
LAW Bronwyn Davies bronwyn.davies@ Assoc Dean (L&T)
LAW Louise Allan l.allan@ Acad & Group Svcs Mgr
SCI Andrew Luxton-Reilly a.luxton-reilly@ Assoc Dean (L&T)
SCI Anna-Marie Simcock am.simcock@ Group Svcs Team Lead