About SET

SET (Summative Evaluation Tool) is the University's online course and teaching student evaluation system, powered by eXplorance Blue.

What is SET?

SET (Summative Evaluation Tool) is designed to facilitate student feedback on learning and teaching for students, teachers and academic managers.

Students have the opportunity to provide feedback through SET on eligible courses and teachers at the University each time a course is offered.

In SET, teaching and course evaluations are administered simultaneously using standard questionnaires for courses and teaching.

The University's SET evaluation period is the final two teaching weeks of semester (or quarter).  

All eligible teachers are included in the evaluation each time a course is taught.

Policies, procedures, resources and guides to using SET are available for academic and professional staff on the SET resources page.

From Semester One 2020,  a second version of the course evaluation questions has been added.  One (SET) is for students studying on-campus to evaluate their courses.  The other (OLE) allows students studying online either in New Zealand or overseas to evaluate their courses with online-specific questions.  

SET Questionnaires

Students answer a questionnaire about the course and a separate questionnaire about each of their teachers on the course. Students will first see and answer the course questions, followed by a screen where they select their teachers and answer teacher evaluation questions.  

Students select teachers using teaching names and photographs where a photograph has been published on the University Directory.  They answer teaching questions for each of their teachers.

Supplementary or optional questions are not available.  There are no longer separate questionnaires for the evaluation of postgraduate, clinical, or general education courses.


Since 2020, SET has two versions.  The “standard SET” questionnaire is applied to students who study on-campus in New Zealand, and contains both standard course and teaching evaluation questions inherited from the past.   The “online SET (OLE)” questionnaire is used for students who study online, either in New Zealand or overseas. The “online SET (OLE)” questionnaire contains only course evlatuation questions.

For more information on the OLE go to Online Learning Evaluations

Course evaluation questions

Students answer two types of questions: rated and open-ended.  Students studying on-campus will be asked to complete the course evaluation questions directly below. On the rated questions, they indicate their agreement with the statement on a five-point Likert scale.  Open-ended questions ask for students' input.

Both students studying on-campus and online will fill in course evaluation questions, however online students will complete a slightly different questionnaire that can be viewed on the Online Learning Evaluations page.

Rated Questions

  1.  The course content was well organised.
  2.  the aims of this course were clear to me.
  3.  The resources (including digital resources) in this course helped me to learn.
  4.  I was clearly informed how my learning would be assessed.
  5. Assessments supported the aims of this course.
  6.  I received helpful feedback on my learning progress.
  7.  I found this course intellectually stimulating.
  8.  I was satisfied with the quality of the small-group teaching (e.g. tutorial, laboratory, seminar) associated with this course.
  9.  Overall I was satisfied with the quality of this course.

Open-ended questions

  1. What was most helpful for your learning?
  2. What improvement(s) would you like to see?

Teaching evaluation questions

Students answer two types of questions: rated and open-ended.  Only students studying on-campus will be asked to complete teaching evaluation questions as part of the standard SET evaluation. On the rated questions, they indicate their agreement with the statement on a five-point Likert scale.  Open-ended questions ask for students' input.

Rated Questions

  1.  [Teacher name] was well-prepared for the lectures.
  2.  The objectives of the course were clearly explained.
  3.  [Teacher name] explained concepts and answered questions in ways that I can understand.
  4.  [Teacher name] used learning resources (including digital resources) in ways that supported my learning.
  5.  I found [teacher name] approachable.
  6.  [Teacher name] inspired me to learn.
  7.  Overall, [teacher name] was an effective teacher.

Open-ended questions

  1.  What was most helpful for your learning?
  2.  What improvement(s) would you like to see?

Where do I find answers if I have questions about SET?

Many of the common questions staff have about SET are answered on the SET FAQs page

If your question is not addressed on that page, each faculty has nominated contacts that can help you with other SET evaluation questions.   

Faculty      Name Contact Details Position
ARTS Lindsay Diggelmann l.diggelmann@auckland.ac.nz Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching)
ARTS Sushila Pinto s.pinto@auckland.ac.nz Group Services Mgr
ARTS Alison Salmon aj.salmon@auckland.ac.nz Group Services Team Lead
ARTS  Nadia Hueras Lopez n.lopez@auckland.ac.nz Group Services Team Lead
ARTS Nina Mamnani n.mamnani@auckland.ac.nz Group Services Team Lead
B&E Douglas Carrie d.carrie@auckland.ac.nz Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching)
B&E - non-GSM Chrissy Bretherton c.bretherton@auckland.ac.nz Group Services Mgr
B&E - GSM only Maribel Caballero maribel.caballero@auckland.ac.nz Group Services Administrator (MCE, MBA and PGDipBus)
CAI Becca Weber b.weber@auckland.ac.nz Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching, Acting)
CAI  Lesley Ruki-Willison l.ruki-willison@auckland.ac.nz Group Services Mgr
EDSW Gail Ledger g.ledger@auckland.ac.nz Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching)
EDSW Samantha Lafaialii s.lafaialii@auckland.ac.nz Group Services Mgr
EDSW Ursula McIntyre u.mcintyre@auckland.ac.nz Group Services Mgr, Te Puna Wānanga
ENG Peter Bier p.bier@auckland.ac.nz Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching)
ENG Aruna Lal a.sundar-lal@auckland.ac.nz Group Services Team Lead
ENG Yogita Ragini-Hirst y.ragini-hirst@auckland.ac.nz Group Services Team Lead
LAW Marcus Roberts m.roberts@auckland.ac.nz Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching)
LAW Louise Allan l.allan@auckland.ac.nz Student Academic Services & Engagement Mgr
MHS John Egan j.egan@auckland.ac.nz Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching)
MHS Christine Baes assistant-assocdeans@auckland.ac.nz EA to Associate Deans
SCI Andrew Luxton-Reilly a.luxton-reilly@auckland.ac.nz Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching)
SCI Anna-Marie Simcock am.simcock@auckland.ac.nz Group Services Team Lead

For further information you may contact the central Evaluations Coordinator at quality@auckland.ac.nz