Class Representation: Why and How

Class representatives play a key connecting role between students, the Auckland University Students’ Association (AUSA) and university staff.

Why is Class Representation important?

A class representative has an extremely important role.  Class reps facilitate communication between staff and students to improve the student academic and social experience, and identify and help to address areas of concern for students.  This can contribute to any formative evaluations lecturers may be doing in the course of their teaching.

Each undergraduate class, regardless of size, as well as postgraduate classes with 15 or more students  elects a class or year representative at the beginning of semester. 

Class representatives meet in departmental and faculty-level Staff-Student Consultative Committees. Department SSCCs meet twice a semester, and faculty SSCCs meet at least once per semester.

Class and year-reps are provided with training and support by AUSA.

Student representation plays a vital role in the University of Auckland community, ensuring the student voice is heard at various levels of the institution.

Link to AUSA Class Reps website.

Staff roles and responsibilities

Academic and professional staff have important roles in ensuring that the class representation process works. 

All resources mentioned below can be found on the Class Representation Resources page.

Group Services staff role

Departmental and faculty SSCCs are supported administratively by Group Services professional staff, who:    

  • Notify lecturers when class representative elections are due and provide resources to lecturers
  • Collect elected class rep names from lecturers
  • Provide elected class representatives with a link to an online enrolment form, training details, and SSCC meeting dates
  • Collect all class rep details in online Google form 
  • Schedule SSCC meetings,  and manage agenda and minute-taking  
  • Distribute minutes to SSCC members, and put a copy onto the AUSA SSCC central database

See also Group Services Service Standard

Lecturers’ role

  • Tell students about the role of the class rep
  • Conduct elections in the first week of the semester
  • Provide class representative details to Group Services staff, post class rep contact details on Canvas for students     
  • Work with class representatives on issues that may arise    
  • Post SSCC minutes on Canvas

AUSA Student Voice Coordinator’s role

  • Assist Group Services staff in raising awareness of class representative elections and training
  • Cooordinate class rep registration and training 
  • Act as contact point for all new and returning class representatives


AUSA Student Voice Coordinator:

AUSA Education Vice President: