Alternative times or locations for exams

Find out about when you may apply to sit your exam out-of-time or out-of-centre.

Examination period availability

Make sure to plan all your personal activities around the exam period as we expect you to be available for the entire duration.

The dates of the exam periods are published officially in the University of Auckland Calendar.

Dates printed in course handouts or in student diaries may not be accurate.

Individual exam dates are not finalised until they are published on Student Services Online.

Problem with an exam time

If you think you may have problems sitting your exam(s), you need to let us as know as soon as possible by contacting the Examinations Office.

There are strict criteria in place for approving an exam to be sat out-of-time or out-of-centre. Applications for personal commitments or travel will not be accepted. You should not book any travel during the exam period until after your finalised timetable is published.

You may request to sit out-of-time or out-of-centre for one of the following reasons:


Criteria: Exam conflicts with the Sabbath
Documentation required: Completed AS-32 declaration, from priest, rabbi or church elder. Special application forms apply.


Criteria: Family member or close friend (short notice acceptable)
Documentation required: Death notice or other appropriate evidence.


Criteria: Overseas study; must be at a tertiary institute
Documentary evidence: Confirmation from other institute showing enrolment and flight itinerary.


Criteria: Court appearance (short notice acceptable)
Documentary evidence: Court notice or court order.

Sport / Cultural

Criteria: Representing New Zealand at an international sporting or cultural event.
Documentary evidence: Letter from the NSO and, if applicable, flight or travel itinerary (in most cases a match or game schedule will also be required).


Criteria: Wedding of an immediate family member (parent, sibling, child) or part of bridal party.
Documentary evidence: Invitation card, letter from marriage celebrant and, if applicable, flight itinerary.


Criteria: Unavoidable business obligation or business travel. Please note: temporary casual work (including Camp America) does not apply.
Documentary evidence: Letter from employer and, if applicable, flight itinerary (in most cases conference schedules, invitations or other documents will also be required).

The documentary evidence listed above is an example only. Depending on your situation further evidence may also be required.

  • You must make your application at least 1 month before the scheduled exam date, otherwise your application may not be considered in time. You must submit the supporting documentary evidence with your application.
  • Applications submitted during the exam period will not be considered unless the reason is due to bereavement or a legal obligation.
  • Please be aware that there is a fee attached when applying for an out-of-time or out-of-centre exam. Bereavement applications and applications made due to medical reasons are exempt. Religious applications due to the Sabbath which are submitted more than 1 month before the scheduled exam date are also exempt.
  • Out-of-time exams must be taken as near as possible to the actual date of the scheduled exam. This is usually prior to the scheduled date of the exam and within 24 hours.
  • Academic staff cannot approve out-of-time or out-of-centre requests. Please direct your enquiries to the Examinations Office.

Information on fees can be found in Fees Schedule A on the University of Auckland Calendar.