Exam supervisors

News, upcoming exam dates and contacts for University of Auckland exam invigilators.

Exam Periods

Upcoming exam periods:


  • Semester One Thu 15 June - Mon 3 July 2017
  • Semester Two Thu 2 - Mon 20 November 2017


Open and complete the Semester One availability form, and then email it to exam.supervisors@auckland.ac.nz by Monday, 15 May 2017.

Please note that the return date listed on the availability form is incorrect. Your availability must be back with the Examinations Office by Monday, 15 May as noted above.

News from the Exam Centre

Operations Manual and Invigilator's Handbook

Find the latest information on how exams are run at the University and our regulations. This will be updated regularly so please watch the changes board and keep yourself up to date with our rules and regulations. A copy of the latest manual will be in each exam room so you do not have to print it out.


The University of Auckland’s Emergency Procedures Quick guide has been added to the manual. Remember that a copy of this manual will be in each exam room.

Campus Maps

You can download complete maps of each of our campuses, by visiting Campus maps.