Exam supervision information

What is required to be an exam supervisor at the University of Auckland?

Exam supervision is a position of trust. You will possess the qualities of integrity and vigilance to conduct the examinations in exact accordance with the rules and regulations of the University of Auckland.

The main purpose of supervisors and assistants is to ensure that all our exams are carried out according to the rules set out by the University of Auckland. The rules ensure each candidate who sits an exam sits under equal conditions as other candidates.

If you are interested in working as a supervisor, please complete the Supervisor Expression of Interest form.


The purpose of exam supervision is to ensure that all candidates are under active surveillance for every moment of the examination. Supervisors also provide a suitably pleasant and supportive atmosphere for candidates to complete their exams.

Supervisors also need to ensure the security and integrity of the examination before, during and after the examination. From the moment the exam material is released to the room supervisor until it is all collected and returned to the exam centre, exam supervisors must be vigilant.

During the examination, exam supervisors must give their whole attention to the examination process. They must not perform any other tasks unrelated to the exam for the duration of the examination. Supervisors must be as quiet as possible during the examination.

Supervisors will need knowledge of:

  • Policies and procedures of exam administration as set out in the guide books
  • Dealing with stressful situations and communicating in a calm and clear manner
  • Basic recordkeeping procedures

Supervisors will have the ability to:

  • Follow written and oral instructions
  • Give clear and concise instructions
  • Deal with candidates in a tactful and courteous manner while enforcing examination rules and procedures
  • Communicate effectively orally and in writing
  • Keep information confidential
  • Count and collate quickly and accurately
  • Maintain accurate records
  • Lift and move heavy boxes
  • Learn general and specialized software applications

General duties include:

  • Setting up the examination venues by placing examination papers, stationery and equipment at desks in accordance with strict procedures.
  • Implementing the exam rules and regulations and remaining vigilant throughout the examination period.
  • Assisting the candidates before, during and after the examination by directing them to their seats, advising them about possessions permitted at examination venues and dealing with queries raised by candidates etc.
  • Supervising carefully, making sure that candidates do not talk inside examination venues and also responding to any examination irregularities immediately.
  • Checking attendance during examinations, recording details of late arrivals.
  • Escorting candidates during washroom breaks as required and detecting any unauthorized materials inside the examination hall.
  • Delivering and collecting scripts carefully at the start and end of the examination in accordance with strict examination procedures.
  • Supervising candidates in leaving the examination venues in a quiet and disciplined manner and ensuring that candidates do not remove equipment or stationery from the examination venue without permission.