Digital copy of graduation certificate(s)

Students and graduates can now request certified digital copies of their certificates.

My eQuals is an online credentials service that will enable academic records, like transcripts, certificates and official letters, to be certified digitally and securely stored online. As a student or graduate, you will have direct access to your records, to view, download and share with anyone you choose.

Graduates from 2010 onwards

Free copies of your certified digital certificate(s) are available online through My eQuals. You can login using the same university credentials you use to access your student email, to view or share your digital certificate(s).

Graduates prior to 2010

If you graduated prior to 2010, you need to place an order for a free copy of your certified digital certificate(s), even if you are a current student.

To request your digital certificate(s), please fill in the Digital copy of certificate web form.  

A request for a digital copy of your certificate typically takes 1-2 weeks to process. Note, It may take longer around graduation time.