Where to hire your regalia

The University of Auckland works closely with our official and preferred supplier, Academic Dress Hire, to ensure the quality of the regalia hired to students for graduation. This is particularly important for the correct colour of hoods as these are specified in the University’s regulations.

Academic Dress Hire uses the profits generated, through the Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust, to support a variety of scholarships, grants and donations at the university and other institutions.

Official regalia supplier

Academic Dress Hire
17 George Street
Newmarket (off Carlton Gore Road)

Phone: +64 9 358 1044
Email: regalia@academicdresshire.co.nz
Open: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - 8.30am-4.30pm
               Tuesday, 8am-6pm
Website: academicdresshire.co.nz

Alternative supplier

Out n’ About Graduation Regalia
33 Altham Ave
Auckland 1024

Phone: +64 9 620 9290
Email: outnabout@xtra.co.nz
Website: graduationregalia.co.nz

Note: Wearing the correct regalia at graduation is a requirement. If you are using a supplier other than Academic Dress Hire, and are unsure about the authenticity of the type of gown or colour of hood you might have hired, email: graduation@auckland.ac.nz.