Congratulations to our 2015 winners

Doctoral Winner

Ian Randall, Faculty of Arts

Doctoral Runner-up

Jasmine Plows, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Masters Winner

Sehar Moughal, Faculty of Science

Masters Runner-up

Jean Allen, Faculty of Education and Social Work

People’s Choice Award

Mohamed Alansari, Faculty of Education and Social Work

Watch video clips of the 2015 participants

Finalists FLTR: Dr Marek Tesar (Judge), Dr Jan Cronin (Judge), Ian Randall (Doctoral Winner), Jean Allen (Masters Runner-up), Rebecca Lehrke, Andy Wang, Jasmine Plows (Doctoral Runner-up), Brendan Swan, Grace Gong, Sehar Moughal (Masters Winner), Mohamed Alansari (People's Choice Winner), Kerry Boyde-Preece and Lawrence Xu (Judge)

2015 3 Minute Thesis finalists

Finalists in order of appearance.

Masters finalists:             

Sehar Moughal
Faculty of Science
Title: Increasing social connections for young migrant women in the NZ community using video self modeling
Watch Sehar Moughal's presentation on YouTube

Rebecca Lehrke
Faculty of Science
Title: Assessing the efficacy of disturbance-based management of black swans at the Auckland Airport
Watch Rebecca Lehrke's presentation on YouTube

Jean Allen
Faculty of Education & Social Work
Title: Who represents the Southside?
Watch Jean Allen's presentation on YouTube

Kerry Boyde-Preece
Faculty of Education & Social Work
Title: Bring Your Own Distraction
Watch Kerry Boyde-Preece's presentation on YouTube                        

Doctoral finalists

Brendan Swan
Faculty of Science
Title: Investigating the Genetics of Autism in New Zealand
Watch Brendan Swan's presentation on YouTube

Xindi (Andy) Wang
Faculty of Science
Title: Time resolved Resonance Raman spectroscopy of Aryl Diphosphenes
Watch Andy Wang's presentation on YouTube

Jasmine Plows
Liggins Institute (FMHS)
Title: Breaking the cycle: how taking a nutritional supplement during pregnancy could help to curb the obesity epidemic.
Watch Jasmine Plows' presentation on YouTube

Grace Gong
Title: Targeting PI3Kα to Combat Cancer

Ian Randall
Faculty of Arts
Title: Reporting palaeontology: its relationship with, and representation in, print news media
Watch Ian Randall's presentation on YouTube

Mohamed Alansari
Faculty of Education & Social Work
Title: From the ideal to the dreaded: University learning environments
Watch Mohamed Alansari's presentation on YouTube

David Farrier interview

3 Minute Thesis Doctoral Winner, Ian Randall, has been making the news with his 3-minute presentation on the reporting of palaeontology in print news media.

Ian was also interviewed by David Farrier on Wednesday 7 October 2015 on Newsworthy. Watch "Is the media dinosaur-crazy at the expense of other sciences?"

In his talk, Ian points out that while dinosaurs are featured in newspapers frequently, this may be stealing the limelight from other interesting and relevant prehistoric beasties – such as the scorpion-like Eurypterids.

The New Zealand Herald also featured Ian’s research in an article entitled Strange but true.