Doctoral Covid-19 Fee Waiver

Doctoral candidates within 3-4 year programmes (PhD, MD, DocFA) can apply for a fee waiver, if their progress has been affected by the Covid-19 situation. This is a fees-free period of up to six months, available after 3.5 years (or part-time equivalent).

For candidates within 3 year programmes (EdD, DClinPsy, DMus, DMA), please see Doctoral Covid-19 Fees-Free Extension.

Who can apply?

Some doctoral candidates whose work has been affected by Covid-19 may be eligible for a fee waiver. This could be you if:

  • You were enrolled on or before 1 August 2021
  • You are currently in New Zealand
  • Your fees cannot be covered through other funding (including PBRF/FRDF)
  • You have passed 41 months of enrolment (or part-time equivalent) at the time of your application. Candidates on extension will not be eligible to apply.

Any suspensions of your enrolment during or in relation to any periods of University closure due to Covid-19 alert levels will be taken into account when your application is considered.

Eligible candidates can apply for the fee waiver once they have reached 41 months (or part-time equivalent) of enrolment. Applications prior to meeting the 41 month requirement may not be considered.

What is the process?

At 41 months of active, full-time enrolment (or equivalent for part-time candidates), you will become eligible to apply for the fee waiver. The waiver covers up to six months of fees, and starts in month 43.

When you apply, we’ll ask you to show how your progress was affected, so now is a great time to start saving those email conversations with your supervisors about the ways in which Covid-19 has disrupted your work.

What can I do now?

We encourage you, wherever possible, to keep working on your research or writing to the best of your ability. Speak to your supervisors about what you can do and give it your best shot. Many of you will be eligible for a scholarship extension, covering you for months 36-42 of your registration – but know that if you still need extra time after the 3.5-year mark, we’ll pick up your fees tab for up to six months to enable you to submit the best thesis you can.

Remember, you’ll need to show how you’ve been affected. Start saving any relevant emails now - and be sure to keep them backed up for when the time comes for you to apply.

Ready to apply?

If you are past the 41st month (or part-time equivalent) of your enrolment, you can use this form to apply for the fee waiver: Doctoral Covid-19 Fee Waiver.