Aldric Khoo

Aldric Khoo says 3MT reignited his joy for research, while providing opportunities to network and learn about research from other fields.

“My research is focused on the prevention model of disease. I am frequently asked to explain my research, so when I saw Three Minute Thesis advertised, I thought it was an awesome opportunity not to be missed. Taking part allowed me to meet many new people while learning a whole lot about myself and my research.

“The best thing about 3MT was the unity of seeing other bright minds come together with passion to deliver ideas that might change the future. It was a surreal feeling and reignited my joy for research."

The competition gave me many opportunities to network and learn about other areas of research outside of the medical sciences. 

Aldric Khoo 3MT Finalist, 2022

“To anyone considering taking part in 3MT, my advice is to give it a go! Get a clear and distinct picture of what you want you want to pitch and what you want the audience to feel. From there, brainstorm ideas and see if those ideas fit the original intention of your proposed pitch. Lastly, have heaps of fun, it's time to unleash the creative juices in you!”