2021 winners

Congratulations to all of the fantastic students who participated in the 2021 Three Minute Thesis Final.

University of Auckland 3MT Final

Congratulations to all our finalists, who delivered incredible presentations and kept the audience on the edge of their seats at the University's 2021 Three Minute Thesis competition.

The School of Graduate Studies team would like to say a huge thank you to our judges, our finalists and our sponsors, whose generous support is the foundation of the competition's success. We would also like to thank faculty staff for the hard work they put into their faculty heats, and to each and every student who has participated. 

Read the full announcement here: 'Whiskey Tango Foxtrot' moment for 3MT winner.

Doctoral Winner

Sam Mackay | Faculty of Business and Economics

Drunk, monk, hunk or chunk: Expatriate work and wellbeing in Kabul, Afghanistan

Doctoral Runner-Up

Krish Chaudhuri | Faculty of Engineering

Fixing broken hearts: computer modelling for bypass surgery

Masters Winner

Rachel Lawson | Faculty of Science

Human mobility during COVID-19 using big data

Masters Runner-Up

Sebastian Dunn | Faculty of Science

Virtual Reality DNA: Picking up the Molecules of Life

People's Choice Winner

Joseph Chen | Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Depression Treatment: Let's Do Better


Derek Orbaugh Antillon | Auckland Bioengineering Institute

Enhancing Diver Capabilities with Dielectric Elastomers

Luke Boyle | Faculty of Science

Using big data to understand surgical outcomes

Prakriti Vashishtha | Faculty of Arts

ProcrastiNation: unsettled times in Māori and Pakeha fiction

Amy Renelle | Faculty of Science

Perceptions of Randomness

Georgi Toma | Faculty of Education and Social Work

From Burning Out to Burning Bright

Sneha Chrysolite Gray | Faculty of Business and Economics

Reimagining Place and Identity

Danial Jahanshahi | Faculty of Engineering

Equity in Cycling

Riley Scott | Faculty of Law

Financing the Transition to Net Zero

Photo credit: Anna Vasilyeva-Bycroft