Wahapū information and support

Wahapū is a comprehensive digital system for managing doctoral candidature.

What is the URL for Wahapū?

You can find Wahapū at https://wahapu.auckland.ac.nz

Who can access Wahapū?

Wahapū is used by doctoral candidates, supervisors, academic heads, and all other parties involved in managing doctoral processes. All staff and new PhD candidates on the current PhD Statute are given automatic access, normally within the first few days of candidature, and can log on using single sign-on. Candidates enrolled in named doctorates do not have access to Wahapū. 

Where can I find help and resources about Wahapū?

Visit our Wahapū Support page on the Staff Intranet to access a list of practical, step-by-step System Step Guides and accompanying Guidance Notes.

How do I report an IT issue?

You can report any IT-related problems with Wahapū via the Staff Service Centre page on the Staff Intranet.