Offshore candidate support

Resources to support PhD and named doctorate candidates who are outside Aotearoa New Zealand.

Connect with other offshore candidates

Offshore Research Group

This informal online group is designed to create connections between doctoral candidates based offshore.

Join the Offshore Research Group on Slack.

Connect to our VPN

Most University resources can be accessed without a VPN, but we've got you covered if you find that access is holding you back. Establish a secure connection to the University of Auckland network using our VPN service.

Explore opportunities

If you want to get ahead by refining your skills and building your networks, you can check out the University's doctoral-specific opportunities:

Doctoral workshops

The School of Graduate Studies a range of workshops specifically to help doctoral candidates refine their skills and build useful strategies for doctoral success.

Find out more: Doctoral workshops

Doctoral opportunities

Explore the wider opportunities available to you as a University of Auckland doctoral candidate. Build your networks at the Doctoral Morning Tea, develop your innovation and entrepreneurial skills or check out postgrad research at the SGS Research Showcase.

Find out more: Doctoral opportunities

Want to join us as an offshore PhD candidate?

Start your doctoral journey at the University of Auckland.

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Contact us

If you want to know more about starting a doctorate as an offshore doctoral candidate, you can contact a School of Graduate Studies Doctoral Candidate Adviser at